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The Safety Gas Shut-off system is purposely designed to prevent gas being restored to open unsafe downstream piping, appliances and outlets or after loss of power.

A product that will terminate the gas supply that could fuel a fire. It works on an independent appliance or a gas supply line into a building with many appliances installed. Can be suited to either a domestic or commercial installation.  The Dishtec gas safety system automatically closes off the gas flow to building and appliances once a remote interlock has been activated. Such interlocks include emergency stop buttons, smoke alarms and fire sprinkler flow switches. The Dishtec gas safety system is suitable for commercial kitchens, aged care facilities, apartment blocks, hospitals, workshops, educational and science laboratories.

Installation Requirements

Dishtec gas shut off protection units require a licensed gas fitter and licensed electrician for installation. 


1.       Fully automatic reset after a shutdown of any type.

2.       The unit can be reset via any automatic or manual interruption to the power supply - this could be an emergency stop button being pressed, a fire alarm interlock, extractor fan failure pressure switch, a gas leakage detector interlock, operating the key switch on the side of the unit or simply disconnecting power to the unit.

3.       We have included a slight delay in resetting after a power interruption. This delay is only 0.3 seconds but this will overcome most clichés that occur occasionally in the mains supply such as the sort of thing that makes a digital clock reset. The added safety precaution here is that in such an event the unit will also check that the outlet pressure switch is still closed before continuing. If the outlet pressure switch is not closed the unit will still go into lockout as at full load it is possible pressure could still be lost in 0.3 seconds.

4.       Rather than lights or indicators the unit has a full digital display which tells the user in plain English what state the unit is in examples: Running, Waiting on outlet pressure, xx seconds of test remaining etc.

5.       Also we have included on the circuit board itself is a purge button which can be used during commissioning. Normally in automatic mode the unit only opens the gas valve for one second to pressurise the system each cycle. By pressing the purge button this time is increased to 5 seconds (only while the button is held in). This is a very helpful feature for commissioning if the fitting line is quite big and a fairly large volume of gas is required to fill it. As this button is mounted on the circuit board it is only available to service personnel.

6.       A relay is fitted with normally open and normally closed contacts available that can be used to operate an indication system or a BMS to indicate if the system is running or in lockout.

7.       There is also a communication port available that can also be used with a BMS or to connect with a GSM modem that would send a text message to up to three mobile phone numbers in the event of a lockout.


• Residential & Commercial kitchens

• Schools & Education Facilities

• Shopping Centres

• Hospitals & Age Care Facilities

• Hotels

• Apartment Buildings

• Any situation where gas safety is required


• Assembled ready to install

• Simple Installation

• Available in 24VAC or 240VAC

• Suits Standard Pipe Sizes

• Gas Valves AGA approved

• Key Lockable Isolator

• Optional battery backup

• Automatic or manual activation

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