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Routine checking of your fridge door seals can save you money in the long run and keep your fridge running cool all year round. Having cracked, split or damaged door seals allows the cool air to escape and prevents an efficient fridge from keeping your perishables preserved. Don’t delay any longer, request a routine inspection from Dishtec today for a free measure and quote to test if you require new seals, and if not when you will need to replace them.

Refrigeration door seals are replaceable, but specific seals for brand types are required in order to have the fridge functioning correctly. Without the correct seals or any non-sealed areas can result in straining on the refrigeration unit and lower the lifespan of the fridge due to stress on the unit.

Other problems could be a warped a fridge door or rigid hinges that prevent the doors from sealing correctly which can also result in poor refrigeration.

Signs you need to call Dishtec to fix your seals are condensation within the seals or a black mouldy substance around the edges. Either of these two indicators means you need to get the seals checked or replaced in order for your fridge to work in perfect order.

The money you spend on repairing your fridge door seals in some instances are equivalent to the money you save on your power or throwing away your spoiled contents. So, don’t delay call us today with our one call to fix it all number.

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