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Dishtec have the knowledge and experience to repair and service a variety of air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation units. We can supply and install, design and construct or refurbish multi-storey and stand alone commercial premises.


Preventative maintenance ensures your workplace or commercial kitchen stays cool and safe, which keeps production targets on track. Air quality can also be improved by engaging in regular maintenance schedules. Furthermore, regular maintenance will also ensure efficiency, which will keep the cost of energy bills down. Our detailed asset registers are completed during site visits. This ensures the cost of replacement parts are traced and compared with replacement costs; you don’t need to give it a second thought.


We can also accommodate any emergency failures that may occur. Our team is ready to take your urgent calls and will be on site within 2 hours from the callout time. We are meticulous in providing great quality customer service fast.

Supply and installation:

Dishtec are more that proficient to assist with your commercial air-conditioning needs. Whether you require climate regulation or food storage, just one call does it all!

Our commercial air conditioning services include:

  • All brands of chilled water systems (chiller and pumps)
  • All brands of water-cooled systems
  • All brands of ducted systems
  • VRF Systems and control centres
  • Air Handling Units (AHU’s) including direct drive DX systems
  • BMS service and maintenance
  • All split system brands
  • VAV (Variable Air Volume) dampers and associated controls
  • Condenser and chilled water pumps
  • Cooling towers and controls centres
  • Boilers
  • Car park and toilet ventilation including kitchen exhaust
  • Roof top package units
  • Main control centres and associated electrical works
  • Retro-fitting refrigerant conversions
  • Fault finding and diagnostics

Emergency Kitchen Repairs

If you have an emergency kitchen need, simply call our 24 hour emergency repairs

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